Blocked Stormwater Drains

June 19, 2016 at 5:43 am |

Blocked Stormwater Drains

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Blocked Stormwater Drains


Request for Hydrojet/ Jetter when booking My Home Plumber to fix the Blocked Stormwater Drains

A Blocked stormwater drain comes about as a result of various factors. In most domestic homes within Adelaide, plastic pipes that are used in piping of Blocked stormwater drains are manufactured using very thin type of walled plastics, which means that roots find it easy to penetrate right into the pipes. When such a thing occurs, it ends up damaging the stormwater pipes in your home and then a large root mass shall grow within your pipes. The growing roots when combined with build-ups of leaves and silts; eventually makes it very impossible to be cleared, the hydrojet or jetter will definitely penetrate through your blocked stormwater drains to clear the damaged area.


The most unfortunate thing is that, most of the stormwater systems in homes do not actually have their layout plans drawn in order to show the exact location and accurate measurements of the affected stormwater piping. When it comes to your sewer piping in the home, the local plumbing authority always has these plans available for use when needed; however, stormwater piping locations as well as positioning do not have records and drawings kept. This makes it very difficult during the times of locating the damaged locations of your pipework, since having any drawn plan available would definitely have revealed exact locations of the pipes. At My Home Plumber we have got CCTV drains cameras that we use in locating the exact location of heat of our camera, however, it often doesn’t work well in situations where there are build-ups of roots, silts and others, which cause restrictions to the camera when moving intensively inside the drain.
  • The Stormwater coming from roofs in the home have got one out of four ways that water is distributed:
  • Some pits are dug and filled with gravel and coarse rock, the downpipes end up discharging into these, whereby the water soaks deep into the ground, which is also an illegality in most councils.
  • Right from downpipes, all water enters through the pipework system, which takes water underground before terminating at the water table, disposing the stormwater into the street.
  • From your downpipes the water is disposed straight into the ground, which is not allowed in many councils.
  • Many councils do have connection points along boundaries or on the easement that allow the plumbers to easily connect onto and enable the stormwater to be discharged straight into a councils main stormwater drainage.

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