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July 18, 2016 at 5:37 pm |

At My Home Plumber, we are your most trusted Plumbers in Adelaide, our services are available to all and sundry for a full 24 hours in a day, for 7 days of the week, and consistent for 52 weeks in a year, including Christmas and also Easter holidays plus all public holidays that are celebrated in Adelaide. In case you are in need of a highly qualified and well trained Plumber in Adelaide at this moment, we will definitely get you somebody to come to your door step at home or business premises within the next hour upon getting in contact. When you come to us, your needs to not matter at all because they all fall within our core duties, expect us to be there in time to get you out of your current predicament, simply call us, or fill out our online booking form.


Below are some of the jobs that we handle:


Repair and Replacement of Tap ware

In case you are getting any annoying constant drip from your tap, we will fix it. All our Plumbers have the requisite skills and know how in taking care of all tap ware problems, regardless of whether they are just worn out washers needing replacements or more serious aspects that require repairs. We have in place the largest range of common replacement taps within our Adelaide, which means that whether you have a brand new set or some other part, we will fix your tap ware and have it functioning perfectly.

Installations and Repairs of Gas Appliances


Clearing of the Blocked Drains

All the drains in your home are essential, they take waste materials from your Adelaide property for disposal far away; if the function is prevented leading to blocked drains due to sanitary napkins or excess toilet paper, tree roots, food scraps, dirt, hair, breakages and grease, the resultant situation can be very irritating and possess a potential health hazard. We use the latest equipment such as hydrojet drain machines, CCTV sewer cameras, and Electric Drain machines to clear your blocked drains in Adelaide.

Repairs and Installations of Toilets

In case your toilet doesn’t flush, or water is leaking from your cistern we will figure out the exact problem and carry out a sustainable course of action, which will involve either making a replacement or installation.


Repairs and Installations of Hot Water Systems

All our plumbers at My Home Plumber have extensive knowledge and skills for working with all kinds of hot water systems whether electric, solar or gas.

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