Repair of Leaking Taps and Dripping Taps

July 18, 2016 at 5:41 pm |

When you have leaking taps in Adelaide then you need to call out My Home Plumber because we have built a name as the most reliable plumbers in town.  The bulk of our clients find it possible to fully utilize our accessibility that is there for all the twenty four hours that make a day, and the seven days of the week to enjoy our full service.  All our plumbers do carry the necessary tools and equipment required in solving all the problems that are brought about by leaking taps in your home or business premises. You have the option of booking any one of our highly trained plumbers, or you can also simply call our office and we will not hesitate to have a professional plumber to attend to the leaking taps at your place within the hour. My Home Plumber is your most trusted plumbing and also gas maintenance company of choice in Adelaide who always have the pleasure of assisting you to overcome the problem that you are faced with.



The Servicing of Leaking Taps

When we dispatch any of our plumbers to come and attend to your leaking tap, all of them are trained and will establish in case your tap needs to be replaced completely, or maybe it just requires to be serviced and the same be done to the existing tap ware if required. In the event that the tap ware is found to be older, then servicing of the taps will not be a recommended option but instead we shall advise you to have them replaced.


We will have to replace black and also white tap washers in case we find that they are failing, which we will do by replacing them using the hydro seal washer, as My Home Plumber customer, you do not have to meet the cost for any other attendance plumber that will come to replace the washers on your new taps.


The Servicing of Tapware

It is very crucial that at the time of repairing the leaking taps, not only should the tap washers be replaced, as one of our basic company procedures My Home Plumber professionals will have to service all the tap ware fully. The service will involve the installing of brand new hydro seals and washers, replacing of the o rings on spindle, the lubrication of spindle, the cleaning of all female threads that are on the spindle, the lubrication of the cover flange or bell, complete tap re-seating, and also replacement of all the body washers.

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